Your company’s lobby is your face to your customers, keeping it clean and presentable can help you to put your best foot forward. Employee morale is important too. Maintaining a clean workspace and restroom is a must for a happy and productive employee.

Many businesses whether they are big or small choose to outsource their janitorial services to free up their employees to handle what they do best. How do you choose a janitorial service you can trust with the keys to your office?

Here are five questions you should ask before hiring a janitorial company:

1. Are you bonded and insured?
A janitorial service bond shows that the service cares, and is interested in the safety of your company’s possessions. It also shows that they are willing to hire the best and most honest employees. It also insures that all of the staff is legal to work in this country, which also protects you. Budget Services and Supplies is bonded and insured.

2. How long has the company been in business?
There is nothing wrong with a company that is new; everyone starts out somewhere. Consider that a company that has been in business at least five years will have an established track record of trust and reliability. Budget Services and Supplies has been in business for more than 17 years!

3. What hours do you work?
Find a company that works within your time frame, not the other way around. Budget Service and Supplies is willing to come in during or after business hours, depending on your needs.

4. What type of services do you provide?
Not all companies handle all services. Most companies will do basic janitorial services, but you will find some that can do carpet cleaning, strip and wax floors and even do pressure washing. After determining your needs it may be best to find a company that meets all your needs. Budget Services and Supplies offers a full range of facilities maintenance, grounds maintenance and construction services.

5. How do you charge for your services?
Some Janitorial companies may charge per hour or even per job. Be sure to only work with companies that give you a quote ahead of time in writing. This will minimize miscommunications in the future and will ensure that your needs are met. Budget Services and Supplies always provides written estimates and is willing to answer any questions about how we charge for our services. We accept most major credit cards too.

We would be happy to give you a quote, in writing of course, that meets your needs and helps you to keep your offices clean and presentable. Call (812) 285-9499 or visit us at