Budget Supplies and Services maintains the grounds of industrial sites, commercial buildings, government installation, parks and other public property.
We provide year-round grounds maintenance: mow lawns, trim shrubs and trees; pick up and cart away leaves, paper or other litter; remove snow from walks, driveways, roads, or parking lots, using shovel snow blower and heavy equipment; spread salt on walkways and other areas. In addition, we can repair and paint fences, gates, benches, tables, guardrails and outbuildings. We are ready to assist you with repairs of driveways, walks, buildings, and mechanical equipment.


Budget’s staff cuts grass, using walking-type or riding mowers. We will edge around walks and flower beds.

Tree Trimming

Budget Services and Supplies can prunes trees and shrubs to shape and improve growth, using shears and other hand tools. We will cut away dead or excess branches from trees or shrubs to maintain right-of-way and sidewalks, or to improve appearance, health and value of your trees and shrubs.



Budget will plan and execute small scale landscaping; prepare and grade terrain; apply fertilizers; and seed and sod lawns. We can plant or transplant tree, shrubs and plants.

Tractor Operator

Budget Services and Supplies has employees capable of driving gasoline or diesel powered tractors to move materials, draw implements, tow trailers, pull out objects embedded in ground, or load heavy material or equipment.
Tractor Operator


Snow Removal with Truck Plow or Front Loader

When winter snows fall, Budget Services and Supplies can furnish the necessary labor, heavy equipment and other items needed to clear or haul snow and ice from parking areas, roads, driveways, or plaza areas. We will plow snow to maintain safe passage into buildings, parking areas, and roadways. Snow can be removed from the site when the accumulation exceeds that which can be pushed off without blocking traffic, parking spaces and pedestrian thoroughfares.

Herbicide Spraying

Budget has experienced employees to sprays lawn, shrubs, and trees with fertilizer or insecticide. We can furnish all materials, chemicals, equipment, operation supplies and incidentals necessary to safely apply herbicides that are registered in the state, using ground-operated spraying apparatus, in strict compliance with the herbicide labels. We will comply with all state regulations and local ordinances. The herbicide applicator will have proper licensing for each category that he or she is spraying. Once finished, we will dispose of containers in accordance with the product label and MSDS and all other laws and regulations.

Pressure Washing

Budget Services and Supplies will pressure wash or power clean your building’s exterior surfaces such as roofs, overhangs, wood walls and fencing, masonry walls, concrete flooring, parking facilities, and sidewalks. We can pressure wash with water only or with added chemicals.